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A Quick Update

Mamoru Oshii is still working on producing films - the majority of his latest works are live-action based. He has been living in Atami since 2009 with his dog Daniel, he's also been playing a little bit too much fallout 4 recently.

March 16 2018 - Chimera Anime Adaptation

As reported by crunchyroll, Oshii is preparing to direct an animated adaptation of the manga 'Chimera'.
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March 21 2017 - Thoughts on Ghost In The Shell Live Action Remake

IGN confirmed in this article that Oshii is happy with the choice of lead actress (Scarlett Johanssen) and has no issues with the live-action remake of his animation.
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March 16 2017 - Forbes Article

'Mamoru Oshii On Directing The Original 'Ghost In The Shell' Anime Movies And Enjoying 'Fallout 4''
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February 9 2017 - Oshii receives the Winsor Mccay Award

This award is presented for lifetime or career contributions in animation.
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May 31 2016 - Why Oshii Doesn't Want To Make Anime Anymore

During his Oricon interview Oshii comments on the current state of animation production in Japan.
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October 2016 - Sand Whale And Me (TV Series)

Oshii's latest work, a TV live-action mini-series is scheduled to be released in March 2017.