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A cosplay of Lum from the Italian ShiroKitsune will fascinate you

by Harry Brown

Rumiko Takahashi in the 70s staged one of his most famous works, consolidating the rom-com genre and climbing into the Olympus of the most important mangaka ever. It was in fact in those years that he created Urusei Yatsura, known in Italy by the name Luma story in which Ataru Moroboshi finds himself involved in a love triangle.

In this 2022 the alien with the brindle costume will return and the first trailer of Lum has already laid the foundations for a product that will attract with its nostalgia effect. Rumiko Takahashi also dedicated herself to the anime with an illustration, certifying her interest in this return. And obviously there is a large audience waiting which is not limited to just the Japanese one; on the various streaming platforms surely there will be crowds of viewers from the USA, Europe and not only from here.

There is still some time to wait for Lum’s return, but in the meantime there are several cosplayers on the net who have taken over the role of the alien. One of them is the Italian Shiro Kitsune who wears the brindle costume, a green wig and two horns to create this Lum cosplayreproducing the charm of the character created more than 40 years ago.

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