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Advances for Boruto 263-265: Kawaki’s academic journey

by Harry Brown

Finally, the long awaited moment has come. With the beginning of August and the broadcast of episode 261, the Boruto anime series: Naruto the Next Generations led viewers into a new original story arc. What will happen in the next installments of this saga produced by Studio Pierrot and unreleased in the manga?

In Boruto 261 Kawaki and Himawari begin to attend the Ninja Academy, where they meet their classmates and their teacher. In the upcoming episodes, for the children of the Hokage it is time to immerse themselves in this new adventure. Here are the titles and synopses of the next episodes of Boruto.

On August 14, theepisode 262, titled “The Princess’s Tea Party”, of which Animedia Magazine has published the synopsis. Kawaki is struggling to cope with his new school life, but has already managed to befriend Kae, the target of his secret mission. The girl, in an attempt to make friends with the other companions, in Boruto 262 organizes a tea party in her residence. For the sake of the mission, despite her reluctance, Kawaki also joins the party. In the middle of the party, he notices something unusual.

L’episode 263, “Bloom !! The abilities of a classroom teacher ”, arrives on August 21st. Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki are invited to the Ninja Academy as a teacher for a day. Hana, Kawaki and Himawari’s class teacher, attends the lessons, which fascinate the students much more than her. The teacher is frustrated by this, but a friendly fight is then organized in which the class is divided into two halves.

On 28 August it is then the turn of Boruto 264, “The Formation of the Seven Wonder Expedition Team !!”. Himawari and the others have heard about the Seven Wonders of the Ninja Academy, a topic that has piqued their interest. They therefore make the decision to explore the school late at night. Kae does not participate in the expedition, so Kawaki reluctantly joins Himawari. Kae, who does not believe in the Seven Wonders, decides to prove to his companions that these do not exist. Kawaki decides to help her new friend.

September 4th arrives Boruto 265, “A team competition, practical skill training”. Students undergo a practical exam in the forest near the Academy. Divided into teams of three, they face various tests. Kae is placed in a different group than Kawaki’s, who, not having her in sight of her, is unable to concentrate. As Kawaki struggles with her group, Kae suddenly disappears. When Kawaki repents, she sets off with Himawari in search of her.

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