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Attack on Titan: The Attack Giant joins the EVA 01 in a splendid fanart

by Harry Brown

Over the past 10 years Attack on Titan has recorded an extraordinary success, becoming one of the most discussed and followed works on the world scene. While millions of fans wait to see how the story will end with the third part of the MAPPA Final Season, Eren was the protagonist of an amazing crossover.

Over the years Jaeger and his companions have been immortalized in many unofficial fanarts and crossovers with other successful series, and this time the artist known on social media as Seven Signs wanted to represent a merger between Eren and Shinji Ikari, protagonist of the important Neon Genesis Evangelion. By uniting the two boys in the foreground, and with the recurring military salute in the early stages of the Isayama manga, the fan then devised a disturbing, but overall successful, merger between the EVA 01 and the Attack Giantpresent in the background.

The gigantic creatures are just one of several meeting points that could be analyzed more in depth between the works of Isayama and Hideaki Anno, and here the artist has managed to create a effective link between the universes imagined by the two authors. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

To conclude, remember that Attack on Titan is the most satisfying anime of 2022 according to Japanese fans.

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