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Azur Lane: St. Louis cosplay returns with the creation of Chihiro

by Harry Brown

There are many video games produced in Japan – but recently also in China, with a market that is becoming increasingly flourishing especially on the mobile front – which sooner or later end up becoming anime. Their success is not guaranteed, however, and Azur Lane can testify to it. The Bibury Animation Studio project was in fact forgettable.

What cannot be forgotten, however, is the whole universe that has flourished around it. The videogame project by Azur Lane in fact it has had some success, and this is also due to all the characters included in this military setting, but who sometimes do not forget to take off their clothes here to present themselves in other ways. One of the characters who caused the most stir in this project was St Louiswho in some illustrations is only dressed in a very short and not very opaque silver satin dress.

Here is the cosplayer Chihiro who shows up with this dress – and with a glass where there is certainly alcohol to celebrate – in this St. Louis cosplay from Azur Lane, extremely faithful to the counterpart that can be seen in the various artworks that circulate on the net. In the past, cosplayer Hana Bunny also made her cosplay on her character.

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