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Bastard !! – The Dark God Destroyer: The second cour of the anime debuts in September

by Harry Brown

In June, one of the most raw, erotic and irreverent anime series ever returned to the Netflix catalog. The second part of Bastard !! – The dark god of destroyerwill debut on the streaming platform from mid-September.

The first part of the anime, based on the work of Kazushi Hagiwara of 1988, brought new generation viewers to meet the madman, Don Juan Dark Schneider. The adventure of the most powerful sorcerer will continue on Netflix starting September 15. In view of the debut, here is the review of Bastard !! Part 1.

Bastard’s second cour !! – The Dark God Destroyer, anime produced by Liden Films, will continue the story from where it left off with the first 13 episodes. In the following episodes, from 14 to 24, the Kingdom of Meta-likana he will once again face the threat of the Four Heavenly Kings, who are attempting to resurrect the deity of destruction Anslasax.

To prevent this terrible occurrence, the wizards of the kingdom have awakened the ancient, dark sorcerer Dark Schneider, now locked up in the body of a child. To break the seal, affixed 15 years earlier, a virgin’s kiss is needed.

Between spicy scenes, action and embarrassing situations, Takaharu Ozaki will continue the anime in the role of director. The band Coldrain performs the opening theme, while Tielle takes care of the closing theme. Waiting for other promotional material, at the bottom of the article you will find a first visual.

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