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Berserk 367: a cruel kidnapping under the moonlight

by Harry Brown

The darkness and despair have returned and have suddenly begun to grip even the island of the elves, that peaceful place that is very far from the lands where so far the events of Berserk. And the bearer of this gloomy and ignominious atmosphere was Griffith, the former white hawk and now a member of the Hand of God.

With Berserk 365 and 366 the adventure of Kouji Mori and Studio GAGA on the manga began, just in an extremely crucial phase. Gatsu is trying to do something but all his efforts have been in vain so far, and it hasn’t been made easier by Zodd’s arrival. He will fight with Gatsu in Berserk 367another chapter recently published in Japan and which does not seem to want to put a stop to the difficulties of the Black Knight.

Gatsu must resist attacks and no longer focus on Griffith, while the rest of the island begins to sense that something is wrong. As Gatsu continues to fight, the white hawk begins to get closer to Caska who, unconscious, was in the arms of Farnese and Schierke. The two are unable to do anything to prevent Griffith from putting his hands on the woman, not even Gatsu can hurt the enemy with his Dragon Slayer.

An earthquake rocks the island as Griffith takes Caska in his arms and heralds a kidnapping that could allocate to the final phase of Berserk.

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