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Berserk returns with this excellent Caska cosplay

by Harry Brown

Kentaro Miura’s death in 2021 devastated everyone and cast shadows on future of Berserk. In the end, however, with a joint effort between editor, studio GAGA and Kouji Mori, the publishing house Hakusensha confirmed the return of the manga. The preview page of Berserk 365 has thrilled many fans of dark fantasy.

On this page you can see the cursed brand imprinted on Gatsu and Caska, the two survivors of the Eclipse evoked by Griffith, while on the lower side you can see the protagonist who was the victim of unspeakable events and who has only now managed to partially recover . In Berserk, Caska has been a key figure for much of historyparticularly during the events of the Golden Age, the flashback to Gatsu’s childhood.

Together in the Army of the Hawks they fought against various enemies, making a name for themselves for the country. Cosplayer Aqueha wanted to pay homage to Berserk’s return with a cosplay dedicated to Caska, always with a dark complexion and in armor, therefore ready to throw himself once again into war against new enemies, along with his companions. The photos evoke a time when Caska was happy, far from the nightmares she would have to face one day.

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