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Berserk: the Blu Ray of the ’97 TV series arrives in Italy: pre-orders are open

by Harry Brown

The new Berserk course began thanks to Kentaro Miura’s childhood friend, Kouji Mori, who made the difficult choice to continue the master’s masterpiece together with Studio GAGA. Furthermore, the relaunch of the manga also responds to a highly anticipated release in Italy, that of the 1997 Blu Ray series.

The canalAnimation Souls has in fact reported the news in the past few hours that it is finally available for pre-order on Amazon, for the first time in Italy, theBlu Ray edition of Berserk’s ’97 series. The DVD edition, released several years ago, was in fact sold out for some time now and fans were eagerly awaiting a restock. Fortunately, the community will be satisfied with nothing less than the Blu Ray version, which has long been requested by fans.

Through the link to the source it will be possible to proceed with the pre-order of the box which will remain available while stocks last. There release date is instead set for 7 September 2022. The box, proposed at a cost of 60 euros, will include in addition to the 3 CDs with the anime also an exclusive 40-page booklet.

And what do you think of this opportunity? Will you take advantage of the opportunity to buy the box set with the Blu Ray edition of the Berserk ’97 series? Let us know with a comment below, but not before taking a look at our hypotheses and theories on chapter 368.

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