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Black Clover 333: The Rise and Mistake of the World Savior

by Harry Brown

The return of Black Clover after a three-month break it was marked by a significant time skip, and by an important milestone reached by the two protagonists. Asta and Yuno have moved up the ladder of the Order of the Magical Knights, but a new threat seems to cast a shadow over the Kingdom of Swords, and it’s closer than you think.

The first two tables of chapter 333, “The Savior of the World and its Defect”, They open with a flashback about Lucius Zogratis, and his visions on the future of the world. The scene then moves into the present, where Asta, involved in a conversation with his sister, is interrupted by Lucius, who appears as the Magical Emperor.

Surprised by the arrival of that individual, Asta is initially paralyzed. Lucius stops time, leaving only him and the boy free, whose antimagic he tries to study. Asta recognizes that magic as that of the Magical Emperor, and his confusion soon finds an explanation in the man’s words. Lucius absorbed Lucifer, and after the death of Emperor Julius he took his place, proclaiming himself the savior of the world.

Zogratis intends to kill the whole of humanity to resurrect it through magic, thus giving rise to a happy and equitable existence for all peoples. Everything seems to have gone according to his plan, except for one small detail: the presence of Astaborn without magic and therefore recognized by Lucius as a mistake.

Offended by this judgment, and by the news learned, Asta transforms himself. Time has returned to flow normally, and in front of the surprised faces of those present, the protagonist claims to wanting to overcome the Magical Emperorflaunting his sword at Lucius.

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