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Black Clover, Auction is back in an official illustration: what’s new?

by Harry Brown

With the anime series stopped from March 2021 and the serialization of the manga on hiatus, the fandom of Black Clover has now run out of magic. To restore the mana supplies, this time it is not a binge offered by Charmy, but an artwork that comes courtesy of one of the animators of the Studio Pierrot adaptation.

On the occasion of the Anime Expo 2022, theanimator Itsuko Takeda shared a beautiful original illustration on his Twitter profile. This represents the protagonist Asta, with his fist clenched as a sign of victory, while congratulating the fans. Could this be a suggestion for future announcements?

As we know, in April Black Clover was put on hiatus for a long time. This will prove useful to the author Yuki Tabata to prepare for thefinal story arc, which will bring the wizards of Clover to face the last, mysterious demon still alive. The serialization of the manga should resume with the end of the summer. Hence, chapter 332 is expected to arrive around the month of September.

As for the anime series, however, this will remain still for some time. Before a new wave of episodes, Studio Pierrot will launch an anime movie. The first trailer of Black Clover – Movie confirms the release for 2023. Waiting for the premiere in Japanese cinemas, a great promotional campaign that will lead to key visuals and teasers should start as early as September.

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