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Black Summoner: trailer and details for the anime isekai

by Harry Brown

On the official social pages ofanime Black Summonera new promotional video has been released revealing further details on the adaptation of the series of light novels written by Doufu Mayoi and Kurogin.

The long one Black Summoner PV clip allows fans to preview some scenes from the anime. In addition, it reveals the acronyms that will make companions to viewers throughout the course of the series. The opening theme “Ataman Chu Dead End” will be performed by Retobea, while the closing one, “Wherever”, was entrusted to Minori Suzuki.

The Black Summoner anime made its debut on July 9th and will tell the story of Kelvin, who will one day wake up in an unknown place with no memory of his life. The protagonist exchanged the memories of him in exchange for powerful magical abilities. Kelvin, becomes a Summoner led by the same goddess who brought him to that parallel world.

The names of the original voice cast have been disclosed. Kouchi Uchiyama will play Kelvin, Manaka Iwami will take on the role of Efil and Reina Ueda as Melfina. The Black Summoner anime series is produced by Satelight animation studio, with Yoshimasa Hiraike as director. Also on the staff are Miwa Oshima, who designs the characters for animation, Satoshi Motoyama, as sound director, and MICHIRU and Yuria Miyazono as music composer.

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