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Bleach: Did Tite Kubo plan to finish the manga within 15 years?

by Harry Brown

One of the biggest rumors around about Bleach’s demise involved an alleged dispute between Shueisha and Tite Kubo. Due to the decline in sales of the manga, in fact, the publisher would have suddenly pushed the sensei to conclude the work in a handful of chapters, but not without arousing some controversy.

Today we know that Bleach’s conclusion was rushed due to health problems of the author who, at the end of the Millennial War Saga, began to suffer the blows of a long serialization. However, recently during an interview with Viz, Tite Kubo returned to the subject to clarify an important point.

The mangaka, in fact, made it clear that from the beginning his intentions were of conclude Bleach within 15 yearsfurther confirmation that Shueisha he would not have forced the sensei to put a hasty end to his little gem. Kubo has however added that all those battles that he could not draw then will be recovered in the new season through additional content that will enrich the Millennial War Saga.

So we just have to wait for the debut of the anime to know how many elements the author, whose involvement in the production is quite important, has decided to add. And you, instead, what do you expect? Please let us know, as usual, with a comment below.

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