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Bleach: One of Ichigo’s most iconic moments in the Millennial War trailer

by Harry Brown

The enthusiasm shown by the entire community of Bleach towards the return of the anime with the epic saga of the Millennial War continues to grow. After the trailer released on the occasion of the Anime Expo 2022, fans immediately recognized one of the most iconic scenes in the story lived by Ichigo Kurosaki.

The story arc of the Millennial War puts an end to the manga of Tite Kubo, which for 20 years has signed a new chapter anticipating the return of the series with Ichigo and the others who are now adults and changed, and certainly represents one of the most action-packed moments and exciting scenes of the opera. There are certainly also key moments for some central characters, including the request to save the Soul Societyadvanced by a mysterious individual, in Ichigo, shortly after the Quincy assault.

A scene made memorable not only by the weight of the words spoken, but also by how Kubo wanted to make it. As the rain begins to pervade everything, Ichigo is illuminated from behind by a flash of lightning, just as he listens to that request. You can see a parallel of what is shown in the trailer and the same scene in the manga in the post reported at the bottom. To conclude, remember that the Bleach manga has exceeded 100 million copies in the world, and we leave you to the biggest challenge faced by Tite Kubo in the series.

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