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Boruto 255, reflections between Leaf and Fog: a clash between brothers

by Harry Brown

After a long adventure that has gone on for several months in a row, the heroes of Team 7 finally return home. In Boruto episode 255the Saga of the great Battle in the Land of Water is definitively closed.

Boruto’s sacrifice in episode 254 resulted Ikada to recover the reason and to lay down their arms. The two armies, that of the Funato and that of the Village of the Mist, finally negotiate for a peace agreement. The protagonists of the arc, Teams 5 and 7, they return to Konoha. Here’s what will happen from now on in the titles of the next installments of Boruto.

Back home, the ninjas of the two teams come called back to the Hokage office, where the seventh illustrates the consequences of what happened, information made known courtesy of the Mizukage. L’Funato army was dismantled and the shinobi of the Mist have restored the Land of Water to safety. The battle, which lasted for some time bringing hundreds of deaths, will however have serious repercussions on the future of the Fog.

Apparently, Araumi was not killed by Kawaki. The evil leader was brought back to the security cell where he was being held at the beginning of the saga. Other Funato authorities were imprisoned, including Ikada. Little Kobuna can finally bury his father Funamushi.

The news of Ikada’s imprisonment infuriates Boruto, who ends up in argue with Kawaki. The ideologies of the two boys are too distant, and finally they drift apart again in quarrel. However, Naruto invites his son to make peace with Kawaki, who is simply caring for his brother’s safety. It is the turn of Team 10 in the preview of Boruto 256.

Despite the demands of the Water Daimyo, Chojuro decides to to pardon Ikada, who can return to the court of master Kajiki. The good news reaches the ears of Boruto, who in the meantime has faced Kawaki in a hand-to-hand duel. Between the two, exhausted by the clash, peace breaks out.

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