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Boruto 71: an internal fracture upsets the plan of the villains

by Harry Brown

The Kara invasion of the Leaf Village Laboratory had led to a sensational revolution. Threatened with death, Amado has removed the limiters of Code, which has now entered his “full power” form. Sure to have victory in hand, in Boruto chapter 71 Isshiki’s heir Ootsutsuki faces an unexpected event.

In chapter 71 of Boruto the Kara are in civil war. With one last trick of cunning, Amado provokes Eida by suggesting it truth about Kawaki. Code, however, unlike his partner, is not willing to listen to the scientist, whom he intends to kill because he is an accomplice in the death of his master. Thanks to a different vision of the plan, Kara fractures from the inside.

The trio Eida, Code and Daemon splits up, with the latter two cheering engage in a violent battle. Bug, in Boruto 71 reveals the secret power of Daemon, but this is not enough for Code to defeat his now former teammate.

Code, blind for love, pretends to be the only knight of Eida, but is badly defeated by the little brother of the cyborg. Finally, vowing to become an Ootsutsuki for find out if he’s really in loveCode runs away with Bug in tow.

On the other hand, the revelation of Amado in Boruto 71 is too greedy for Eida, who in turn has eyes not only for Kawaki. In Konoha, Amado and Eida they will have a long, intense chat.

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