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Boruto 71: Did Amado reveal his real intentions?

by Harry Brown

The threat posed by Code materialized in the last few chapters of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations. The assault on Konoha turned out to be a winning move at least for Code’s primary objective. However, in Chapter 71, an internal Kara feud appears to have arisen, fueled by Amado’s important statements.

By carefully studying opponents and understanding how much Eida cares about Kawaki, already in the previous chapters Shikamaru had instilled in the girl the thought of being able to see him again. However, Code managed to capture Amado, forcing him to give him the powers of the Karma brand again. Once the goal is achieved, the antagonist attempted to kill the doctor. Amado, however, took advantage of Eida’s feelings by telling her that he knew of a secret about Kawaki.

This caused a clash between Code and Eida, which ended with the involvement of the little brother Daemon, who proved to be extremely powerful, able to quickly counter the newly found powers of White Karma. After Code escaped, Amado was able to speak freely with Eida. “Kawaki has regained the powers of Karma, and at the same time has inherited the abilities of Isshiki. His power will continue to grow “so Amado described the boy’s current situation.

“Currently there is no one in Konoha capable of countering his strengthIncluding Hokage, with the exception of me. “This is because, as the doctor explains shortly after, only he was able to restore Kawaki’s powers, and it would seem the only one capable of keeping him under control thanks to an emergency command that only he knows and can use. It is not yet clear what Amado’s plans are, but by restoring Kawaki’s powers he has certainly taken a decisive step towards his real goals.

Finally, remember that Boruto will be on hiatusand we leave you to the predictions on chapter 72.

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