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Boruto 71: will Amado’s secret lead to the end of Konoha?

by Harry Brown

After finally defeating Isshiki Ootsutsuki, Kawaki seemed to have finally freed himself from the Karma seal. However, shortly thereafter he was again cursed by the machinations of Amado, which in the pages of Boruto keep plotting in the shadows.

Despite the initial refusal, to protect his beloved Hokage, Kawaki has decided to accept Karma and to exploit its immense powers. The revelation of Amado in Boruto chapter 71 could however lead to terrible consequences.

Amado confessed to having placed a security system on Kawaki, a system that only he is able to activate. Which means that should the boy lose control, only he can stop him. Konoha is obliged to listen and host the scientist.

Amado continues to behave like a puppeteer, and it would not be strange if he had applied something like this also on Boruto. When the son of the Seventh was possessed by Momoshiki, he was given the gift of medicinal pills to stop the transformation process into Ootsutsuki. What if these drugs were hiding more? The true intentions of him will be revealed at the time of the return to the Leaf in Boruto chapter 72.

Amado has the Leaf Village in his handas well as the entire shinobi world. With Eida now on his side, he can juggle his pawns to rule ninja countries. However, his powder keg is ready to explode at any moment and perhaps not even he will be able to control the dust that will arise. A new enemy could be born right inside the walls of Konoha – an enemy that will lead to total destruction. Do you think it will be Amado’s plan to unleash the end of the ninja world?

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