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Boruto, Hokage for a day: Konohamaru’s life as a movie star

by Harry Brown

Ever since he was a child, Konohamaru Sarutobi has dreamed of retracing the path of his grandfather Hiruzen and one day becoming the Hokage of the Leaf Village. Also inspired by Naruto, in the most recent episode of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations the master of the new Team 7 finally realizes his dream.

In Boruto 257 Konoha has a new Hokage. Naruto, however, has not yet named a successor to him and that of Konohamaru is one fictitious and temporary investiture.

In the original anime episode, a particular mission is entrusted to the nephew of the Third Hokage. Naruto was invited to do a cameo in the new Kagemasa moviebut very busy he had to entrust the request to his pupil.

When Konohamaru shows up on the set, he comes styled as if he were the Seventh Hokage. With the Kage cloak on his shoulder, Konoha’s browband on his head, and Naruto’s orange-black clothes on, the young Sarutobi crowns his dream.

Becoming Hokage, however, for Konohamaru it is still too early. The general level of him is still not even remotely comparable to that of Naruto, despite this he has lost Kurama’s chakra. Indeed, despite his age, even the Sixth Hokage, who will return in the next installments of Boruto, is currently more skilled than him. To really make his dream come true, Konohamaru will at least have to learn his grandfather’s Call Technique and his master Naruto’s Hermitic Mode.

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