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Boruto, the controversy over the Seventh Hokage breaks out: is he a bad father?

by Harry Brown

While the anime series is busy with a series of original story arcs, which seemingly will keep viewers busy for the next few months, fans of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations they are observing the work paying more attention to certain details. He breaks out the controversy over the Seventh Hokage as a father.

Orphan since birth, Naruto grew up dealing with loneliness. Only once he became a ninja did he find models to inspire him and developed inseparable bonds of friendship. So why does the Seventh Hokage behave like this with his family?

The controversy arose on Twitter, where a user shared a short clip from theepisode 93 of the anime series. In the episode in question, the Uzumaki family celebrates the birthday of little Himawari. Naruto, however, is too busy with his work as the Hokage and instead of personally attending the festivities, he sends a clone of him. As he brings the cake to the table, the clone vanishes: the cake falls to the ground and the family discovers the crime, resulting in Himawari’s disappointment and Boruto’s anger.

Naruto grew up on his own and understands how it feels to not have your parents close or to be able to celebrate your birthday. This has sparked the wrath of the fandom, which points the finger at the Hokage and the series. Naruto, it was written as a bad father, but that doesn’t match his character. Why did you not attend your daughter’s party in person and leave a clone at work?

Later, the Settimo has remedied his mistakes, also winning the title of best parent of Boruto. Others, however, believe that Sasuke is a better father than Naruto. And you, what do you think of this controversy that arose some time after those events? The Hokage will certainly have the opportunity to make up for it in the next family vacation of Boruto’s Uzumaki.

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