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Boruto: the love between Sasuke and Sakura blossoms in the story of an animator

by Harry Brown

Although initially it was believed that sooner or later Naruto could break into the heart of Sakura, the medical ninja student of Sannin Tsunade since the days of the Ninja Academy has always loved Sasuke. This love, however, only blossomed with the end of Masashi Kishimoto’s work, in the shadow of the readers.

Sasuke initially rejected the path of love and friendship to follow that of revenge, first against his brother Itachi, the one who exterminated his clan, and then against the Leaf Village, real guilty of the atrocity against the Uchiha. Sakura’s feelings have always been very strong, but only with the epilogue of Naruto Sasuke was able to return to the right path and to accept and return the girl’s feelings.

A animator of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations, sequel to Masashi Kishimoto’s cult shonen, shared with the community his very personal interpretation of how this couple who in the future gave birth to Sarada Uchiha would be born. Here is how the marriage proposal between Sasuke and Sakura went according to their original voice actors.

In the shared panels on Reddit, we see Sasuke greet Naruto, newly wed of Hinata Hyuga, and preparing to leave Konoha. At the exit gate of the village, however, exactly as it happened when he was still only a kid, he is approached by Sakura, who begs him to let yourself be accompanied. This time, the Uchiha lets himself be persuaded.

The remaining panels shared by the author are devoid of dialogue, but rich in meaning. Let’s see in fact Sasuke and Sakura go on a long journey fraught with pitfalls, always overcome with the strength of union. Finally, in the last panels we see love blossom. At first the two approach to protect themselves from the cold, then they hold each other’s hands. Their story officially begins when, in the moonlight, Sasuke touches the kunoichi’s forehead, as his brother Itachi did with him, and then kisses her. What do you think of this unofficial love story?

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