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Boruto, the new acronyms debut: the imprisonment of Karma

by Harry Brown

Boruto episode 255 concluded the Saga in the Village of the Mist, giving the green light for a new, exciting adventure. The next cycle of original bets coincides with the debut of the two new, spectacular anime theme songs.

As we had anticipated, the new Boruto themes would make their debut in July. Episode 256, ushers in the opening 11 and ending 21respectively interpreted by Kana-Boona band that had already made the first opening, e Lenny Code Fiction.

The clip of “Kirairi”, the new opening theme, wowed the network, showing one sequel of spectacular fights and family scenes. Kawaki, reflects near the stone sculptures of the Hokage, only to be joined by the team 7 mates. Later, Boruto faces one after the other Shikadai, Inojin, Chocho, Mitsuki and Sarada. After that, he is taken in hand by Momoshiki Ootsustsuki, who marked his life by applying Karma to him. Finally, we see him fighting with his brother Kawaki, who is also in possession of Karma.

As for the ending, “Biboroku”, this one focuses entirely on Sarada Uchiha, while dealing with various daily activities. Let us know with a comment if you liked the new themes of the anime, or if you were more fond of the previous ones, GOLD and Twilight Fuzz?

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