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Boruto: the new, sinister allies of the Leaf Village

by Harry Brown

Code is not Isshiki’s only dangerous legacy. Eida, the all-seeing cyborg who recently has easily put the ninja of the Leaf Village in check. The sinister plan of Amado in Boruto 71, however, allows Konoha to ally himself with the former enemy.

Threatened with death by Code, Amado once again proves what a skilled manipulator. The ex scientist Kara reminds the girl that she does not need to become an enemy of Konoha and that she is still in time to accept Shikamaru’s offer, which is to stay at the Leaf to live alongside Kawaki. This triggers the civil war of the Kara in Boruto 71. In jealousy, Code verbally collides with Eida, and then physically with Daemon, who puts him on the run.

With Naruto and Sasuke now deprived of their full potential, Konoha needed new alliesand Amado may have found the right ones. Eida and Daemon they could protect the Leaf if Momoshiki were to regain control of Boruto, or from a new attack by Code.

However, this could also turn out to be adouble edged weapon. If Kawaki were to reject Eida, she would lose control of her, unleashing the mocking fury of her brother Daemon. This would greatly facilitate the Code plan.

We must not forget, however, that Amado somehow controls Kawaki’s body and that he could force him to return the love of Eida. There are several possible dynamics, some of these anticipated by the spoilers of Boruto 72.

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