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Boruto: Will Naruto get an even more surprising power than Baryon Mode?

by Harry Brown

In Boruto 71 Code he renewed his promise. The heir of Isshiki Ootsutsuki, who now has no limits, no longer only intends to avenge his master, but also to destroy everything that is dear to Kawaki. This means that Konoha is in grave danger and that, alone, Boruto and Kawaki may not be enough to stop him.

Following the terrifying battle with Isshiki, so far the strongest of the Ootsutsuki, Sasuke and Naruto have seen their powers cut in half. The Uchiha, lost the ocular power of the Rinnegan, while the Hokage had to say goodbye to Kurama. If Code were to unleash his fury, will Boruto and Kawaki really be able to defend the Leaf Village? Most likely, a new intervention from the legendary duo of the old Team 7 will be required.

According to a fanmade theory, Naruto may soon become stronger than ever, even surpassing the power of Baryon Mode, with which he faced Isshiki without too many problems. As we know, the Nine-Tailed Fox is gone and therefore Naruto will no longer be able to access Baryon Mode. So how is he going to get stronger?

The community has not forgotten that in the world of Boruto there is still one Ten-tailed. This one, which we have known well during the Fourth Ninja War, is still small and incomplete, and for this reason it is not yet considered as a tangible threat. However, it will soon become one and Naruto and his companions will have to deal with it.

One way to stop the Ten-Tails would be to become its Carrier Force, as Obito and Madara once did. This task is almost certainly up to Naruto, who would thus become the new Hermit of the Six Paths.

In doing so, however, he should say goodbye to his family, which is why Kawaki could stand in the way of this decision. This would explain the time skip in which we see Kawaki and Boruto face off. Blinded by love for the Hokage, Kawaki could decide to relegate Naruto to another dimension, with Boruto who at that point would try to free his father.

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