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Break of Dawn: trailer and details for the anime film to be released in the fall

by Harry Brown

Several months after the announcement of the Break of Dawn anime film, the producer Avex Pictures has shared new information on thefilm adaptation of the manga by Tetsuya Imai. Through a promotional video, details of the cast, staff and premiere were revealed.

Avex Pictures recently shared a second teaser trailer for the anime movie Break of Dawn, whose release has been confirmed for the month of October 2022. In the short clip, we see a preview of the first meeting between the young protagonists and the extraterrestrial Nanako. Yuma Sawatari and Nanako, who will be voiced by Hana Sugisaki and Aoi Yuki, are also protagonists of the new promotional poster of the film. Also in October 2022, Play It Cool, Guys by Studio Pierrot, anime also distributed by Avex Pictures, will also arrive.

Break of Dawn is directed by Tomoyuki Kurokawa at the Zero-G animation studio. Dai Sato, is writing the scripts, while Pomodorosa is credited as the character and concept designer of the animation. Masaru Yokoyama (Fruits Basket, Your Lie in April and Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans) is in charge of composing the music for distributors GAGA and Avex Pictures.

The plot of the film is set in 2049, a future in which humanity is already aware that in the next hundred years the Earth will be hit by a giant comet. Yuma, a boy obsessed with space, robots and impending catastrophe, meets a mysterious alien being who seems to be connected to the accident. The manga launched in Kodansha’s Afternoon magazine in January 2011.

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