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Captain America: Marvel presents the new Cap in The Variants # 1

by Harry Brown

Few superheroes in the Marvel Universe are as iconic as Steve Rogers, aka Captain America. In recent years, however, the House of Ideas has also aimed at the distortion of some of the most iconic personalities of its flag, and in The Variants it has presented a new character who will wear the stars and stripes costume.

In the past, several characters have played the role of Captain America, including in the continuity of Earth-616, the central point of the Marvel narrative, and Gail Simone, Phil Noto and Cory Petit they decided to add a totally unexpected character to that list. First of all it must be specified that the Jessica Jones of The Variants he is immediately faced with rather heavy personal problems. Given the possible connection with Kilgrave, Jessica begins to wonder if she has mental problems of any kind. These thoughts materialize when, returning home, he finds a woman identical to her, and whom he does not trust her.

Instability and worry lead Jessica to take action, and the fight between the two is interrupted by a third Jessica, dressed in the style of Cap from the 40s, as he wields the historic vibranium shield, and looks just like Captain America. Undoubtedly a beginning that leaves readers amazed and intrigued, and which immediately highlights the intertwining of narratives linked to the same character but coming from different corners of the multiverse.

To conclude we leave you to the fantastic summary of the life of Steve Rogers drawn by a mangaka.

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