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Chainsaw Man: a transformed Denji figurine at the price of 333 euros

by Harry Brown

The world of figurines and figures is always in turmoil, even for those manga characters who have not yet become anime. Chainsaw Man for example, it is one of those works that will soon have an animated adaptation but which has not yet been able to count on this distribution to increase its catchment area.

Yet he is receiving more and more dedicated figurines. One of the latest advertisements is from Shibuya Scramble Figure, which announced the launch of one Denji figurine in Chainsaw Man version in scale 1: 7. The statuette in question will arrive in July 2023 and it is possible to pre-order it. 281 mm high, it will be available at a cost of 46,300 yen at home, equivalent to about 333 euros at today’s exchange rate.

As can be seen in the photo, the Chainsaw Man figurine is very splatter: The protagonist Denji is completely transformed, with his head transformed into a chainsaw and two more rotating blades sticking out of his arms. The blood of the corpse below splashes everywhere as the protagonist balances on him, looking for another prey to attack.

At the moment, the Chainsaw Man anime is one of the most anticipated of 2022 and is very close to its debut, with Studio MAPPA working hard on this project.

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