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Chainsaw Man: how involved is Tatsuki Fujimoto in the production of the anime?

by Harry Brown

Thinking about the most anticipated productions of 2022, Chainsaw Man thanks to the MAPPA studio it certainly ranks among the top positions. MAPPA has reached impressive production levels, just think of the leap in quality in the Final Season of Attack on Titan, and the panel held during the Anime Expo has made the production even more interesting.

The meeting was attended by the company and executive director of MAPPA, Makoto Kimurawho openly discussed the invaluable involvement and contribution given in all stages of production by the author of the manga of Chainsaw Man, Tatsuki Fujimoto. The mangaka, in fact, despite all his commitments related first to the different one-shot stories, such as Goodbye Eri and Look Back, enthusiastically received by the critics, and to the second part of the manga, would be working closely with the staff.

According to what Kimura said, Fujimoto has been available since pre-production, and actively participated in the casting, master planning, and soundtrack decision stages. Kimura stressed how fundamental such a direct and continuous confrontation with Fujimoto was, as they want recreate and transmit what was expressed in the original manga, without making any censorship. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

To learn more about the subject we leave you to the other information on the anime shared by the MAPPA studio.

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