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Chainsaw Man, Studio MAP has revealed some details on the production of the anime

by Harry Brown

As we all know, by the end of 2022 the first season of the anime will make its debut Chainsaw Man. Given the success of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga of the same name, it is reasonable to expect that the guys from Studio MAPPA have managed to produce a series of the highest level, seasoned with first-rate animations.

During the Anime EXPO 2022, held in these days, MAP study clarified some points about the production of Chainsaw Man in an interview. From what emerged, the MAPPA guys had been interested in Fujimoto’s work since his debut, immediately asking for the rights to adapt it to the editor Shueisha.

Unlike other projects, only Studio MAPPA took care of Chainsaw Man, with no need for support from external production committees. The animators, during the production, worked closely with the author Tatsuki Fujimoto, in order to create a work that is as faithful as possible to the original. The choice of voice actors was even discussed with the mangaka, in order to do justice to each individual character.

The anime wants to adapt Chainsaw Man in a hardcore way, showing the many raw scenes of the manga in a “dynamic and theatrical“. Furthermore, Studio MAPPA stated that absolutely nothing will be censored, and that next information will be revealed shortly, when all the work done by the staff will be almost perfect.

Needless to say, the attention then shifted to the fans present at the event, who at the request to cheer for their favorite character decided to bark for Makimamuch appreciated waifu from Chainsaw Man. In closing, the guys from Studio MAPPA thanked Kensuke Ushiocomposer of the soundtrack of the anime.

Are you ready for the debut ofChainsaw Man anime? What are your expectations in this regard?

We leave you to the cosplay of Makima and Denji of Chainsaw Man and the leak that reveals the release date of the anime of Chainsaw Man.

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