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Complete spoilers for Boruto 72: a fate to be rewritten and an army ready for invasion

by Harry Brown

A few hours after the official release, scheduled for August 19 on the Manga Plus digital platform and for August 20 on the pages of V-Jump, of what will happen in Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations chapter 72 we already know practically everything thanks to the web leakers.

Boruto 72 spoilers take us to Konoha, where Kawaki has a conversation with Shikamaru and Naruto. The boy, however, does not listen to anyone and considers Amado as a dead man. This way of speaking worries the Seventh Hokage, which notes its progressive change. The quarrel between the trio is interrupted by the call of Amado, who reports the situation and communicates that within four days he will return to the Leaf Village.

The scene moves to Boruto’s room, who is summoned to the Hokage office. Before leaving, he greets and reassures mother Hinata, who is crying worried about him and his future. When the boy leaves the house, the atmosphere changes radically. Time seems to stop and in the presence of Boruto Momoshiki Ootsutsuki ascends, who threatens to return soon. He also reiterates that the boy’s fate is already written and that he will not lose much of everything he holds dear among him. At that point, Momoshiki vanishes as he appeared and Boruto is joined by Sarada and Mitsuki. The color page of Boruto 72 is dedicated to being celestial.

A new page change takes us to the side of Code, which manages to reach the alternate dimension in which the Ten-tailed. In conversation with ally Bug, he states that his plan is to scale the Jubi into a more controllable form. Code then covers the Ten-Tails with its Claw Marks and splits it into hundreds of small pieces that take the form of humanoid soldiers similar to the white Zetsu of the Fourth Ninja War. Furthermore, he infuses some of his oversized chakra into them. With a demonstration of the power of these beings, Code prepares his army for the impending war against the Leaf Village.

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