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Detective Conan: is the last chapter ready? Gosho Aoyama’s answer

by Harry Brown

It is now thirty years that Detective Conan is underway on Weekly Shonen Sunday. The thriller with the little detective with glasses is one of the magazine’s top titles and is also one of the most popular in the comics scene. Not only that, Detective Conan has many feature films in the program and an always successful anime.

Of course, one day all of this will end. The brand created by Gosho Aoyama in the 90s could end in the next few years, but it will take some time. Meanwhile, the author, in a double interview with Eiichiro Oda, left a comment to the readers. In fact, during the interview it emerged that the Final chapter of Detective Conan is already ready to be published.

Gosho Aoyama has therefore not only thought, reflected, sketched or wrote the last chapter, he completely drew it. Obviously this does not mean that it will be published soon, on the contrary, there are still plots and sub-plots to be carried out. In addition, the author’s long pauses result in even more elongated serialization. The fact is, however, that readers can sleep peacefully, as the last act is already complete and will not change from here to the end for any reason.

Meanwhile, in 2021 Star Comics has prepared a new edition for Detective Conan.

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