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Dragon Ball: A Chichi cosplay created by Fabibi fights for you

by Harry Brown

At the beginning of his adventure, after leaving with Bulma in search of the Dragon Balls, Goku had made the acquaintance of the Sorcerer of the Bull, a former pupil of Master Roshi and a bandit of the mountainous area of ​​the world of Dragon Ball.

Plagued by a serious problem, he had sent his daughter Chichi to find a way to save the situation. Thus began a meeting that would then have its effects even in the long run: Goku crossed right there little Chichi and together they brought the Tortoise Genius to the burning palace. The two, by pure chance, entered into a marriage pact which, however, was not fulfilled by the protagonist of Dragon Ball for several years to come.

And just during the Tenkaichi Tournament number 23, the last of the first phase of the manga and the anime, Chichi showed up to “collect” his prize. Growing up, she had become a skilled and experienced warrior. Fabibi repurposed to her followers a Chichi fighter cosplay in blue dress, as she was seen during that martial arts tournament. In addition to reproducing a pose of a certain statuette dedicated to her, it is also shown in other locations with her famous fan capable of extinguishing the fire that she weighed on the castle of her father.

Fabibi also made this Bulma cosplay and another recent Bulma mom cosplay.

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