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Dragon Ball Super 2: why is the sequel taking so long to arrive?

by Harry Brown

We have been talking about for several years now Dragon Ball Super 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the anime that everyone is aware of but has never been officially announced. Initially, in fact, TOEI Animation hoped to continue the television series between 2019 and 2020, a goal not met for a particular reason.

In recent weeks, after the debut of the film, the insiders have come into possession of important news about Dragon Ball Super 2 which, according to their sources, should debut during the course of 2023. But why has it been so long since the initial plans?

According to the numerous rumors about it, the production of the Dragon Ball Super sequel was stopped due to Shueisha. The latter, in fact, would have decided to devote himself primarily to other media, such as games and the paper counterpart. Furthermore, according to the words of a journalist from a Spanish newspaper, it would seem that the publisher would have circumvented all the pressures of TOEI Animation for the making of the sequel until the manga moved far enough away from the Tournament of Power Saga. To date, therefore, the distance between the two formats has widened particularly and, with a presumed exit in 2023, the deficit could further increase. The prerequisites for the Dragon Ball Super 2 debut next year they are all there, but we suggest you wait for official confirmation and take these words with due precautions.

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