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Dragon Ball Super 85, Vegeta’s limit: is the Ultra Ego incomplete?

by Harry Brown

In recent months, thanks to Vegeta’s new power-up, the Saiyan Prince has returned to being competitive against his rival in Dragon Ball Super, a gap that has narrowed in the light of the latest fighting. In any case, our hero seems to have not yet fully learned his new poems.

The clash with Gas showed all the determination of Vegeta who had no qualms about letting himself be weakened in order to exploit the Ultra Ego technique. The more wounds the Saiyan accuses in battle, the more his strength grows out of all proportion. But will this really be the true potential of his divine ability?

In fact, as far as we know, Beerus he had explained to Vegeta that his powers would have increased exponentially to his destructive mind, so he does not argue that he must necessarily accuse blows to obtain the desired effect. The Prince would thus be exploiting the Ultra Ego in an unorthodox way. After all, it seems almost surreal a divine technique whose true potential only manifests itself depending on the amount of damage received.

And you, on the other hand, what do you think of this reflection, the Ultra Ego is currently incomplete? Tell us what you think, as usual, with a comment in the dedicated box below.

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