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Dragon Ball Super 86 full spoilers: is the battle over?

by Harry Brown

Official Dragon Ball Super 86 spoilers have confronted readers with a bitter truth. Goku, alone, will not be able to defeat Gas, who has reached a new form spurred by the hateful words of his older brother Elec. The final clash of the Granolah Sagaturns towards the epilogue.

A few hours after the Dragon Ball Super 86 spoilers, arrived through the drafts shared by Toyotaro, the leakers have published the full summary of the next chapter of the work, arriving on July 20 on MANGA Plus.

As we had seen, the new transformation of Gas will put Goku in serious danger, who will be strangled by the telekinetic powers of the Heeter. The Saiyan’s escape attempts will be in vain, as Gas burns like never before.

Generating a whirlwind, Gas traps Goku and subsequently hits him with energy shots. Finally, use his mystical powers to form giant limbs that strike the Saiyan. Ready for the decisive blow, Goku and Gas throw themselves at each other, but they are interrupted by a blast from Ki. To launch it, it is Granolah, finally back on the battlefield.

The Cerealian avenger appears to have one strategy in mind. Goku, will have to take time for Granolah to prepare for his attack. Following the Heeter’s blows, however, the Saiyan loses consciousness. At that point, Vegeta also returns to the scene, who will try to block Gas in a vise.

After freeing himself, the antagonist of this story arc will again have to face Goku, who gives shape to his gigantic spiritual alter-ego, the same one he used against Molo. At the end of the chapter, Goku throws Gas into the air, which is coming hit by Granolah’s final attack.

Granolah, chose not to hit a vital point of Gas, so as not to kill him and feed further vengeful thirst. After informing the Heeters of leave the planet, reunites with Goku and Vegeta. Has the battle really come to an end?

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