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Dragon Ball Super 86 official spoilers: the true strength of Gas

by Harry Brown

The challenge on the planet Cereal has been going on for several months. Once the feud between the Cereleans and the Saiyans was interrupted, it was the Heeter’s turn to enter the scene with a sensational blow from Elec and Gas. The latter became the strongest warrior in the universe and nothing could do the attacks of the protagonists of Dragon Ball Super.

Goku’s new form has only partially helped him to withstand the enemy shock wave, but now Gas seems to have reached a new level, stimulated by Elec. He will be one fight at full power in Dragon Ball Super 86 as evidenced by the official spoilers. The editorial staff of V-Jump has published the first pages of the next chapter, arriving on MangaPlus in a week.

Gas becomes even more emaciated, but gives off a frightening ki that causes Goku to freeze. Elec turns away to avoid getting involved while Gas grabs Goku with his ki, strangling him. The protagonist manages to free himself from this grip by teleporting behind the enemy, but before striking he is hit by a punch in his face. Once again in trouble, this time it is he who is caught from behind by a Gas who grabs him by the head and throws him away against some mountains.

The Dragon Ball Super 86 chapter ends with Gas that generates a tornado and traps Goku. Is there really no escape against this opponent?

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