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Dragon Ball Super 87 preview: Toyotaro promises shocking developments

by Harry Brown

During the Weekly Dragon Ball News, a video series published weekly on the official website of the opera, Toyotaro released an interview in which among other things he talks about the next chapter of Dragon Ball Supercoming Friday 19 August on MANGA Plus and the next issue of Shueisha’s V Jimp magazine.

The author confirmed that the Granolah Saga the Survivor is entering its climax. This means that very little is missing at the end of this story. Despite this, it seems that there will be other surprises for readers.

During the interview, in which the author explained the transformation of Goku from Dragon Ball Super, Toyotaro said that several exciting things have happened in the chapter released in July and that the August chapter will not be outdone. Dragon Ball Super 87 will have shocking developments, which will make this chapter even more compelling than the previous one. But what could possibly be so shocking?

Early Dragon Ball Super 87 theories suggest that the battle is not really over. Gas appears to have been defeated by Granolah, who has chosen not to kill his opponents. This move will perhaps prove risky.

Probably, Gas will get up to return to the attack even more angry and powerful than ever. Another hypothesis is that the wish expressed by Elec is not what we all believed. Finally, another possibility is to see the return of Freeza, on which the beginning of the narrative arc is based.

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