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Dragon Ball Super 87: The community is unhappy with that return

by Harry Brown

Dragon Ball Super led readers to get to know characters of character and depth, such as Black / Zamasu, Jiren or Hit, but also many others less noteworthy. Particularly from this point of view it is the Granolah Saga the Survivor that has not fully convinced.

Lately Toyotaro certainly does not shine out of fantasy, and the Dragon Ball Super community accuses the author of not knowing how to write a good character. The two main protagonists of the Granolah arc, Gas and the avenger of Cereal, have not in fact managed to break through the hearts of the fans, despite the plot of the saga revolves precisely on their figures.

But to unleash the wrath of part of the fandom is that frightening return in Dragon Ball Super 87. Freeza, already back in action several times, arrives on Planet Cereal showing off a new version of himself that earns him the title of being stronger. of the universe. However, the of him is alone the latest in a long list of recolor that have now tired the fans, looking for something new.

Really Toyotaro, but also TOEI Animation with Cell Max from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, doesn’t have enough flair to create a character from scratch that is loved by the community? With Black and Moro, the mangaka has shown his qualities, but lately he seems to be choosing the easier way by playing with the nostalgia factor. However, users are not there and on social networks they are already expressing their disappointment.

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