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Dragon Ball Super 87: what is the price to pay to be the strongest in the Universe?

by Harry Brown

With the release of the chapter 87 of Dragon Ball Super, arriving on August 19 on Manga Plus, the saga of Granolah the Survivor is definitively closed. However, it is only in the latter part that Goku and Vegeta discover the price that Granolah and Gas paid to obtain the frieze of the strongest in the Universe.

The full Dragon Ball Super 87 spoilers gave us an idea of ​​what will happen once the chapter is released. After finally defeated Gas thanks to the decisive intervention of Granolah, Goku and Vegeta promise to train even harder and never let themselves be defeated.

During their conversation, Granolah falls exhausted to the ground, drawing the attention of her new friends. It is only then that Goku and Vegeta learn about the terrible pact that Granolah made with the Toronbo Dragon to become the strongest warrior in the universe.

Early in this arc, the intergalactic bounty hunter used the Dragon Balls of Planet Cereal to quench his thirst for revenge against Freeza and the Saiyan army. However, the price to pay to become the strongest of the Universor is it very high: Granolah has only three years left to live.

This estimate was only effective and given the battle in which Granolah took part it is to be revised downwards. As he himself admits, that last blow may have halved his life time. Probably, a Granolah just stay a year or two.

As regards Gas, the the consequences are even more dire. He has gone much further and his physical appearance has suffered: the smallest of the Heeters has aged to the point of becoming skin and bones. He is probably only a few hours away from life. Despite the Dragon Balls, Dragon Ball Super’s strongest warrior is another.

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