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Dragon Ball Super: a leak seems to confirm the return of the anime

by Harry Brown

After more than four years of absence, with the last episode, the 131st of the series, broadcast on 25 March 2018, theDragon Ball Super anime may soon return. According to persistent rumors, the Z Warriors would in fact be ready to make their return to the scene in the course of 2023.

With the debut of Dragon Ball Super: Super Herothe new Dragon Ball film that will arrive in Italian cinemas with Crunchyroll, TOEI Animation can concentrate all its efforts on the production of the anime series, which has been missing for too long.

The future of Dragon Ball Super seems to have already been written: first the return of the anime and then another feature film. Therefore, the appointment with the series may have been set for 2023 and confirmation of this comes from network leaks.

Insiders are sure, the new season will be set after the Tournament of Power Saga and the adventure will continue adapting the Moro saga and then the one, current in the manga, of Granolah. According to reliable sources, including an interview with producer Akio Iyoku, work on a new Dragon Ball Super anime is already underway, so a release in 2023 isn’t all that remote. And you, are you ready for the return of Goku and his companions or have you lost all hope?

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