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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, a fan recreates the new form of Gohan in 2D

by Harry Brown

One of the first criticisms of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero concerned the technical sector fielded by the TOEI Animation Studio which relaunched the franchise with a completely renewed graphic style compared to the past. But what would Gohan’s new 2D power-up look like?

It is called ‘Gohan Beast’ there new epic transformation of the son of Gokupower-up through which Akira Toriyama has relaunched the famous Saiyan within the saga. A few days ago we tried to hypothesize what to expect from Dragon Ball Super 2, the sequel to the anime which, according to rumors in circulation, could be announced by the end of this year and could also readjust in 2D Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero .

In this regard, the artist DarkHans0, has recently created a graphic interpretation together with a friend who reinterprets the latest official poster dedicated to Gohan with the traditional style of Dragon Ball Z, fan-art that you can admire at the bottom of the news. Many appreciated the ‘old’ design applied to the new colors of Gohan Beasta symptom of how the historic anime continues to thrill thousands of fans around the world even today.

And you, instead, what do you think of this graphic representation, which version do you prefer? Please let us know, as usual, with a comment in the appropriate box below.

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