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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Doctor Hedo is no ordinary character

by Harry Brown

L’Dragon Ball universe, between years of manga and anime, it has expanded a lot. Goku has traveled the world extensively, making positive and negative encounters, making friends with excellent allies, and clashing with stubborn enemies. The latter sometimes do not hesitate to return even after some time, as happened recently.

The Red Ribbon, also known as the Red Ribbon for those who followed the Mediaset adaptation of the 90s, is one of the most famous organizations of Akira Toriyama’s manga and anime and which was also filmed for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. There are no classic familiar faces that we met during the first saga of their appearance and during that of the androids, if we do not consider the new form of Cell.

To fulfill the role of genius scientist is Doctor Hedo, a very childish-looking character who has been involved in creating the beings who challenged the protagonists of the film. But this individual is no ordinary person: Akira Toriyama confirmed that the Doctor Hedo is the grandson of Doctor Gelothe mad scientist who created the previous androids and who transformed his own body.

At this point, it is also possible that Hedo is the son of Gebo, aka # 16. Did you expect this relationship between the two characters?

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