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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Gohan Beast had to have another look according to Toriyama

by Harry Brown

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has brought the franchise created by master Akira Toriyama back into the spotlight. While the Dragon Ball Super manga has reached chapter 85, available on MangaPlus, the film produced by TOEI Animation is the direct continuation of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which at the moment is not yet canon in the series.

Despite this, it is likely that in the future the two feature films will tie into the main Dragon Ball Super story, so that the new forms of Gohan and Piccolo. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has staged them for the first time, showing totally new designs for the franchise.

Gohan Beasthowever, initially it should have been totally different: word of Akira Toriyama. The author revealed in a recent interview his inspiration for the new form of the Saiyan: “Gohan has had several transformations in the past, but this time he needed an absolute novelty. The boy had to have his own unique evolution, based on the form that he had reached as a boy. I called the new form Gohan Beast, meaning that the beast locked up in him has finally been released. “

The teacher then continued, speaking of the Gohan Beast initial design: “As for the design, I tried to draw Gohan with a scary face and very pale skin, but it didn’t seem to fit the boy well. So I used the classic straight-up hair, which was surprisingly very successful: everyone exclaimed “that’s really cool!” which made me feel very grateful. “

Akira Toriyama then closes the interview with a joke: “Frankly, I don’t know what design I will use if I have to give a new form to Gohan in the future. “In the same interview, the master Toriyama talked about the concept of the new enemy of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, revealing several curiosities about the return of one of the most loved villains by fans.

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