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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Piccolo’s house in Toriyama’s illustrations

by Harry Brown

On the occasion of the release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in Japan the master Akira Toriyama, very involved in the production of the film, participated in numerous interviews, revealing particularities and interesting details. Many of these concern Piccolo who dedicated illustrations to his abode.

As was already evident from the first trailers and information released in recent months, Piccolo played a central role in the plot of the film, alongside his friend Gohan, and even receiving a new form. Toriyama has underlined on several occasions how complex and jagged Piccolo’s past is, an aspect that makes him one of the most interesting characters, and to remove some mystery about his existence, the same master has conceived the house of the Namekshowing it in the two images you find below.

In the first you notice the outside, Piccolo has decided to live surrounded by nature and near a small body of water. In the second instead Toriyama takes us inside the house itself, characterized by a hall, with an armchair, a chair and a small table. On the bottom and on the left there are two doors, but it is not specified what they contain. From the illustrations it appears that Small, like a good Namek, has a minimalist style and is not very attached to any material object that is not necessary for everyday comforts.

Finally, remember that the film has exceeded 1 billion yen at the box office, and we leave you to the first rumors about the release of the sequel.

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