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Dragon Ball Super: the power of union has surpassed absolute strength

by Harry Brown

The final phase of the current saga of Dragon Ball Super has led readers to meet the man who, thanks to the power of the Dragon Balls, has become the strongest fighter in the Universe, as well as the most formidable antagonist ever faced by the Z Warriors. The only way to stop his power, seems to be the strength of the union.

The desire expressed by his brother Elec, the absolute leader of the Heeters, allowed Gas to reach a disproportionate strength, even higher than that of Granolah, the previous strongest fighter in the universe.

Each time the protagonists have come one step away from defeat Gas, he has become even stronger, exactly as he does in chapter 86 of Dragon Ball Super, where readers witness his latest, disturbing transformation. Suddenly old, Gas is now able to fully master his powers, and therefore to have no more rivals.

If Vegeta’s Ultra Ego had already been defeated, now not even the personal interpretation of Goku’s Ultra Instinct can keep up with the antagonist. However, there seems to be a way to defeat the Heeter.

The return to the scene of Granolah, allows the protagonists to improvise a team-up. Goku and Vegeta, with the last remaining energy in their bodies, work together to allow Granolah to charge enough Ki and deliver a final supreme blow. The trio is also joined by Monaito, who surprisingly manages to keep Maki and Oil at bay, who were trying to intervene in favor of their brother.

Finally, the finale of the Dragon Ball Super Granolah saga is set. The power of union and collaboration, towering over the absolute but solitary strength of the strongest fighter in the universe. Or at least that’s what it looks like. Reality changes in the first Dragon Ball Super 87 spoilers.

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