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Dragon Ball Z: Emperor Freeza in a creepy traditional-style fanart

by Harry Brown

Dragon Ball Z has now become one of the works to receive more fanarts in the entire sector, thanks both to the many years since the first publication and the continuous re-propositions, and to the originality and design of some characters, now entered into the common imagination, as the powerful and fearsome Galactic Emperor Freeza.

The main antagonist of one of the most memorable sagas of the series, has undergone an evolution in the course of the most recent events narrated in Dragon Ball Super, such as during the Tournament of Power, but his brutal evil still makes him one of the most fascinating villains of the universe conceived by Akira Toriyama. This is why the artist @ Justin96636 wanted to dedicate the singular illustration that you can see below to him, representing him in its final form, with a green aura and an unexplained golden circle around the head, but in perfect style ukiyo-e.

In addition to the clouds below, another distinctive feature of the genre, in the background you can see the five mercenaries who make up the Ginyu team, or Guldo, Rikoom, Butter, Jeeth, and Ginew same. Let us know what you think of the design in the comments. Meanwhile, we also leave you to the ukiyo-e-style forms of Majin Buu, made by the same fan, and to five important extra scenes from Dragon Ball Z that have added something to the original story told in the manga.

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