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Facebook, implemented a pop-up alert for all users looking for the word “loli”

by Harry Brown

The controls on the contents of social networks are becoming more and more stringent, in order to avoid the uploading of illegal content or in any case not suitable for everyone. Facebook has recently implemented a pop-up which, once the word “loli” has been typed in the search bar, warns the user that this term may be associated with abuse.

After the Facebook Protect account protection program, which debuted last December on the social network of Mark Zuckerberg, here is now a new protection pop-up on the contents searched by users. The word “loli”, mostly used to indicate girls with very childlike features of Japanese anime, will be detected by Facebook as a possible search on content related to child abuse.

The message that appears in the pop-up by searching for the word “loli“, as we can see in the image at the bottom of the news, is the following:” We believe your research may be associated with child abuse. Child abuse or the display of sexual images or videos of children can lead to imprisonment and other serious personal consequences. Sexual exploitation of minors causes serious harm to minors. Searching for and displaying offensive and exploitative material aggravates this damage. Exist organizations that can provide help and support in case you have sexual thoughts of this type. If you notice similar activity on Facebook, please report us and law enforcement. If you’ve ever been a victim of this abuse in the past, consider reaching out to a helpline, friend, or adult you trust for support. “

A message of support for anyone who may have had thoughts of child abuse associated with searching for the word “loli”. It is also followed by two buttons, respectively written “Find out how to send a report” and “Get assistance and support”. By clicking on the first, theprocedure to follow in case of viewing of child abuse content on Facebookwhile clicking on the second provides several links to turn to for concrete help regarding the thoughts of child abuse that the user may have had.

It seems a bit excessive to associate the search for the word “loli”, however not so misunderstanding as it is linked only to anime content, to child abuse. However, Facebook tries to be an increasingly safe place for each useralso providing psychological support services.

We leave you to the new features coming to Facebook Groups.

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