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Fairy Tail: A Lucy Heartfilia cosplay with the Taurus costume

by Harry Brown

Star spirit sorceress Lucy Heartfilia was the character who opened the dance in Fairy Tail. Even before Natsu and Happy entered the story, introduced with an explosive entrance, it was the young blonde sorceress looking for a guild who occupied the front pages. And, of course, it will remain important until the end of the story.

It will in fact become one essential companion for Natsu, balancing his friend’s hothead – and even romantic interest, consider Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail-themed illustrations featuring their two protagonists – accompanying him on missions of all kinds. Thanks to her many challenges and researches, Lucy will be able to greatly improve and expand the keys in her possession, initially those dedicated to the simple constellations and gradually adding the keys of the twelve golden constellations of the zodiac.

The sorceress of the stellar spirits becomes so strong that she can use these special constellations in a particular way, merging with their power. Here is so a Lucy Heartfilia cosplay Taurus version brought by Katsu, with the girl who has concentrated on reproducing the sorceress in the best way with the black and white bikini and the whip that is used to attack.

Here is Kallisi Vamp with a Lucy cosplay but with a normal dress.

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