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FUUTO PI: trailer and details for the Kamen Rider sequel

by Harry Brown

In view of the upcoming debut as part of the Crunchyroll summer schedule, the staff of FUUTO PI has released a new promotional video of the anime. Sequel of the manga series Kamen Rider by Shotaro Ishinomori, of the series we know the acronyms in absolute preview.

The premiere of FUUTO PI is scheduled for August 1st on Crunchyroll and the teaser trailer published on Twitter offers a preview of the protagonists and the events of the series, as well as the beautiful animations produced by Studio KAI.

The anime project commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Kamen Rider franchise and sets out how Kamen Rider W sequel. Adaptation of the manga series of the same name written by Riku Sanjo and drawn by Masaki Satou, it focuses on the characters of Shotaro Hidari and Philip. FUUTO is under the protection of the duo, but bizarre incidents continue to occur frequently in other parts of the city. Tokime’s appearance casts a new evil halo over the windy city.

The anime is directed by Yousuke Kabashima at Studio KAI, with Ayataka Tanemura as assistant director. Tatsuo Higuchi is in charge of the script, under the supervision of author Riku Sanjo. Shotaro and Philip will be voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya and Kouki Uchiyama. The opening theme “Private Eye” is performed by Big Gadgets feat. Aya Kamiki w TAKUYA.

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