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How long does ONE PIECE: RED last? A leak reveals the minutes

by Harry Brown

Toei Animation is working hard to complete the project ONE PIECE: RED, the next film in the saga that will arrive in Japanese cinemas in August and a few months later in Italy. While the animators and voice actors continue to prepare the product, other details of the film continue to be shown on the promotional side.

In the last few days, the new pirates Jellyfish, a new entry of ONE PIECE: RED, have been shown. There will therefore be many characters involved, since these are going to join the protagonists, the marines, the crews of Law, Kid and Big Mom, the World Government and many others, so a good screentime will be needed for everyone. And speaking of that, leaks the duration of ONE PIECE: RED Network.

According to an Oecuf leak, ONE PIECE: RED will last exactly 2 hours. 120 minutes that would place it far above the last film in the saga, ONE PIECE: STAMPEDE, which lasted 19 minutes less, but would be on par with ONE PIECE: GOLD. Do you think that two hours will be enough time to allow you to adequately discover the secrets of the island and Uta?

ONE PIECE: RED will be the fifteenth film dedicated to the ONE PIECE saga and will be supervised by Eiichiro Oda, the original author of the manga.

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